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  Is located in wujiang city and purification engineering co., LTD(Shanghai grand view garden and zhouzhuang)Reed market town Fen lake economic development zone,The factory covers an area of about15000Square meters,Choi steel production workshop、Fold to sheet metal workshop、Hepa filter production workshop。Is a production of a variety of purification products。Specific purification project contracting qualification certificate of professional manufacturers。Over the past few years,And the company to science and technology as the guide、Complement each other......
Wujiang city and purification engineering co., LTD
Address: Wujiang Jin Jiaba development zone
Zip code: 215155
The phone: 0512-63203266、63203888
Fax: 0512-63201815
The mailbox: webmaster@luanpianwang.cn
Url: http://www.luanpianwang.cn

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All rights reserved:Wujiang city and purification engineering co., LTD Address:Wujiang Jin Jiaba development zone The phone:0512-63203266、63203888
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